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A collection of websites
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HLS.Today - Homeland Security News

HLS.Today, Homeland Security, Public Safety and Intelligence. News and Information. Latest Industry News, Current Events, Products, Services, and Solutions, and White Papers.

Elisha.Website Veretz

Ville de Véretz - Démocratie Directe

Une plateforme de démocratie directe permettant à la population de voter par référendum les décisions intéressant la gestion de leur ville. 

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Cap7llc - Assets Managing Fund

Financial Investments based on Pre-Closed Buy-and-Sell Agreements, and Commercial and Bank Leveraging.

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Zero Waste Solutions - Waste Solutions

Turning Waste into Sustainable Materials. Solid Waste is diverted to landfills and disposed either by Burying or Burning.

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Schoner & Co. - Law Firm, Legal Counsel

Corporate Law, Family Will, Inheritance Law, and Immigration. Over a decade helping clients in Legal advise and Counseling.

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Achimoto - Her Wild Bike Adventures

Solo Female Motorcycle Adventure in Africa. Follow all her global adventures in this fabulous blog.

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Kathy Samuel - Psychotherapist

Kathy Samuel, Jerusalem Certified Psychotherapist with masters in NLP and CBT. Specializing in traumas, and OCD compulsive behaviors.

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i-AML - Information and News

i-AML is the leading website in educating, publishing and news, information and knowledge in Israel about anti money laundering.

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Kalm - Engineering and Manufacturing

Development of Medical Devices, Consumer Products, Electronic Enclosures, Lab Equipment and Production Tooling.

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Artist Itshak Holtz - Fine Art

A Polish-born, Israeli and American Orthodox Jewish painter, known for his paintings and drawings about Jewish life scenes.

nimtsa cypros cyber services

CyPROS - Cyber Security Services

Our team of experts has an ample and proven track record supplying services and solutions for countries and organizations, critical infrastructures, financial institutions and highly exposed individuals.

Must-News Portfolio

Must-News - News from the Sidelines

Make available information which is hardly publicized in the mainstream media – news from the sidelines that has been ignored, opinions that have been labelled “false news” or simply interesting facts and research that warrant attention. 

Elisha.Website Stratton

STRATTON - Shoe Trees

The Stratton Corporation was founded by a group of world class shoemakers and carpenters who wanted to raise the bar in the men’s shoe care industry. Their joint effort and expertise resulted in our award winning shoe trees.

Elisha.Website almentagroup

Almenta - Intelligence Surveillance

Almenta was established by former Intelligence, Security and Telecom professionals with expertise in the security sector providing specialized global security related products and services designed for peaceful and hostile environments.